Friday , February 22nd 2019
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Sony DSCHX90V/B Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD Review

Not everyone is interested in going through an ordeal to take a photo on their vacation or important event. Sometimes all we want to do is point a camera in the interesting thing’s general direction and snap a photo, no further fuss about it. And we want to do this without lugging around cumbersome DSLR cameras with dozens of different lens, but we also don’t want to be shackled by the limits of our phone cameras. Point and shoot cameras are an excellent tool to have for these situations. Generally they have a smaller footprint than your common smartphone and are only slightly thicker but offer vastly superior photographing performances. It is truly the perfect balance for an outgoer that likes to travel lightly.

Sony DSCHX90V/B Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD

Sony’s DSC-HX90V does all of the above and then some! Looking slick and sharp in the black body hides true muscle, not just some gimmicky hardware that pretends to do what it can’t. First of all this camera comes with a 18.5 megapixel backside illuminated Exmor R sensor which will laugh at your phone’s puny chip that they call optical sensor. You can’t even put the two in the same ballpark. Combine the mighty sensor with the Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T lens and you’ll be dipping your feet into professional photography right now. The lens is capable of whopping 30x optical zoom but when they join forces with the camera, you get double that, up to 60x. Yes, this means that you can leave your binoculars at home. There’s a new sheriff in town now. The Carl Zeiss lens don’t stop there. Several highly advanced coatings will eliminate glare and unwanted streaks from entering the camera and ruining your photos. When zooming in really hard, the BIONZ X processor will compare and match pixels in order to make it as realistic as possible, just like you’re physically close to the object with the camera, but in fact you might be two city blocks away.

The DSC-HX90V enters the modern age’s fierce competition equipped with a  3” screen that will faithfully display your view as it will appear on the photos. In case you’re a fan of selfies, you’ll be happy to find out that the screen also swivels at up to 180 degrees so that you can move the camera in any position, be it high or low without the need to become a yoga master in order to preview the shot. If you’re not a fan of screens though, you also get a viewfinder that will again show you an exact 1:1 view of what you’re about to take a photo of. The viewfinder will pop out of the camera body when needed and neatly hide back in when you don’t want it. When you’re on the move, a 5 axis stabilization system will make sure that your photos and videos turn out steady and blur free. Transferring the data has also never been easier, as this puppy comes out of the box fully wifi-ready and it even has NFC as well, raising the compatibility levels to a whole new height. Not enough connectivity? The camera has a fully capable GPS which can tag your photos with location coordinates so that you and your loved ones can know exactly where you were when the photo was take.

All of this has been fitted into a sleek miniature package that will easily slide into the smallest of pockets or purses. So, what was again your reason for not getting one?