Friday , February 22nd 2019
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Altura Photo Professional Flash Kit for NIKON DSLR Review

When it comes to photos and making them look tasteful, we all hate flash but that’s because most of us use the built in flash which is not good for anything beyond amateur use. Still, when you gotta use it, you gotta use it man. The least you can do is get a proper flash and stop blasting your people with blinding light that does more damage to the photos than good.

Altura Photo Professional Flash Kit for NIKON DSLR

Altura’s AP1001 professional I-TTL dedicated auto focus flash for Nikon cameras will change your mind on taking flashed photos completely. This is far from the toy of a flash your camera came with. First of all, you’re not limited to just a certain Nikon series cameras. Does your body have a standard hot shoe? The flash will fit. Simple as that. When it comes to performance, might as well call the AP1001 Thor, the god of lightning with its 68(m) guide number. It’s going to outperform nearly every other dedicated flash in this price range and even in the higher priced categories too. You’re not cut short on modes too, and you get TTL, Manual, Strobe, Slave 1 or Slave 2 modes which should be enough for pretty much any situation you find yourself into. The full auto TTL mode is excellent for situations where you can’t be bothered with settings and just need a quick snap. The flash will determine the best settings and fire off as needed. However, if you’re trying to achieve a specific effect, the manual mode will let you do anything you want. You’ll be able to set custom controls from the on camera menu and the flash will remember them since it has internal memory. If you need to wait for a longer bit for the perfect time though, the flash will go into power saving mode. The recycling time is super fast at just 4 seconds, letting you quickly retake photos instead of idling and wasting valuable time. Zoom range is wide and in 7 steps which can also be auto or manual and go from 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 80 and 105mm. You’d be hard pressed to find a situation that this flash won’t handle with utmost prejudice. The bounce angle is 180 degrees, but just in case you need more flexibility, the head is fully adjustable with wide swivel and zoom ranges.

The slave modes will let you use the flash as an extremely sensitive wireless triggering sensor and since you’re no longer bound by wires, you can focus on taking the perfect shot instead of being careful not to trip and find out how it feels when the planet kisses you in the face. The broken camera and lens will probably hurt much more so going wireless will save you double the pain.

The large backlit display will sync with your camera’s settings including the aperture, zoom and iso settings giving you another position where you can quickly glance what you’re shooting and adjust accordingly. The package is generous, with many included accessories such as a dedicated flash stand with a tripod mount, separate hard flash diffuser for spreading the light a bit more naturally, a protective pouch which will also hold your flash battery and a shoulder or neck strap for easy transport. This is indeed a self-sufficient package that won’t disappoint and will handle whatever you throw at it.