Friday , February 22nd 2019
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Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder Review

You might think that camcorders are a long dead breed and your flabbergasted face in the tech shops when you see them might seem justified to you but just because you don’t notice them in favor for other formats doesn’t mean that they’re gone. Quite the contrary, camcorders still have a sure footing in the modern age. Tape recorders have been squeezed out in favor of memory cards, eyepieces have been replaced with screens and buttons have been reduced to a minimum because that screen upgrade? It’s a touch screen now, accommodating easy firmware updates and nearly endless functions. This open the floodgates for camcorders to solidify their position even further. You might be wondering why anyone would like a camcorder in the world of DSLR’s and action cameras but there’s a good reason for that actually. DSLR’s are mainly built to take photos and their design is intuitive and ergonomic around that purpose. If you’ve ever tried to record a good video with a DSLR camera, you’d know what we’re talking about. It’s heavy, cumbersome and really difficult to control without special tripods and stabilizers.

Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder

Action cameras might mitigate some problems but you’re only really removing one package of issues and replacing it with another. Action cams have been made to be worn and in a way that the wearer won’t even notice them. This would mean that they have to be light, naturally. This lightness also means that an action cam will be easily moved around and will translate even the slightest movement or shake of your hand into an unstable video.

Camcorders have been designed around the concept of making a video as stable as possible while being ergonomic and natural so that everyone can pick it up and use it right off the bat, with no special tools. The Canon took that concept and upgraded it to new levels with the VIXIA HF R700. It maintains the familiar camcorder shape that even your grandparents are comfortable of using but now it is armed with the state of the art Digic DV4 image processor which is light years ahead of the camcorders of yesteryear. This puppy will take full HD videos with no fuss whatsoever and since tape recordings are not a thing nowadays, it will save them fully digitally to a SD memory card which is easily expandable and removable. To see what you’re recording, you get a beautiful 3” capacitive touch screen which will enable you to just touch your way through the intuitive menu, making it very easy to set up the shot perfectly. It also swivels in any position you want it to be. The heart and soul of the Vixia HF R7000 is the amazing 32.5×1853 lens kit which until now was unheard of in this product category. It is capable of zooming up to 57x enabling it to even put some telescopes to shame. One of the best additions though is the optical image stabilization which pretty much guarantees that your video will be in its best shape right out of the camera even if you’re running.

We certainly don’t need to be afraid to pick up the camcorder in favor of our DSLR any more if we know that we’ll be taking more videos than photos. It sure makes for a less cumbersome trip, as the tripod and different lens can now stay at home. This sweet compact package can do it all and even outperform common cameras in certain areas while still being able to fit into your bag and weigh next to nothing.